Bookbuilder’s Almanac


Build beautiful books with help from Bookbuilder’s Almanac, an idea book of typefaces and calibrated examples demonstrating the strengths and limitations of digital printing for print-on-demand books. Authors, self-publishers, and designers should have this book as a tool to evaluate which typefaces and techniques yield the best results. Publishers and editors should have this book to aid decisions about managing backlist and inventory through POD and short run digital printing. Bookbuilder’s Almanac: Volume One includes articles on how to accurately estimate length, on page density, and photos. Volume One is printed through Lightning Source (IngramSpark). The book outlines a tested workflow for trouble-free production. The section on grayscale conversion illustrates how the various profiles change tints and photos. Samples of tints and lines settle concerns about detail and screened areas. Predict how your design will perform before you print the book. Bookbuilder’s Almanac author and publisher VJB/Scribe (Valerie Brewster) has decades of experience as a book designer, production manager, and prepress specialist. She works as an independent contractor providing design and coaching to authors and trade and independent publishers.

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